Why we still love Nikita Dragun

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Why we still love Nikita Dragun

The self professed Mother of Draguns, Nikita Dragun is one hot reptilian.  

This mega babe is a highly commendable and much sought after makeup artist and beauty guru. Her interactive Youtube tutorials haver created more hype than a Kanye shoe release with her unique self-selling techniques of competitions, Vlogs and makeup challenges.


A chameleon of change, Nikita is consistently changing the game whether it's with her bubblegum coloured hair, body art or self-style, Nikita is rarely caught looking the same twice. 

Recently coming out to her fans globally as Transgender, Nikita Dragun is a pillar of strength and commendable courage with her latest revelation. Talking about her own struggles with identifying and being identified as Transgender, Nikita is a beautiful aspiration to those who are voiceless under the same circumstances.

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