To Lash lift or Not To Lash Lift

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To Lash lift or Not To Lash Lift

There's nothing better than starting the new year feeling like a new you. There's been a whirlwind of new cosmetic procedures, makeup techniques and products that have arisen this year and there is one in particular that a few of us in the Eyes of Solotica office are keen to try....

A Lash Lift, yes that's right, a lash lift.
What is a lash lift some of you might ask, well here's the lowdown on what has become one of the fastest growing trends to end 2017.

A lash lift is essentially a glorified "perm" for your eyelashes. A serum is applied using silicon pads to the eyelashes, focusing on lifting the hairs from the roots only.The procedure itself will take around 20 minutes and set you back around $99 - $130 depending on your beautician.

The results from what we hear are incredible. You get lifted, perfectly curled lashes for up to 6 - 8 weeks from there, your lashes fall back into their natural state and new lashes have grown, giving you luscious lashes in under 2 months.

From what we have been told and from what we can see, the results speak for themselves, so if anyone can recommend a good beautician based in Melbourne, we would love to hear from you....

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