This Blending Sponge is a Life Changer.

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This Blending Sponge is a Life Changer.

Soon the internet is going to break Kim Kardashian style when all of the Youtuber's, Instagram bloggers and makeup artists get a hold of this miracle product.

The brainchild of Ena Vehabovic, a former engineer and Miss World Canada finalist, the Enavee Blender is currently not on the market but if you support it via it's Kickstart campaign, it will be sure to hit the shelves quick smart and believe us when we say, you NEED to support this product.

Eyes of Solotica Enavee makeup silicone blender

Made out of super- soft, platinum grade silicone, this silicone blending tool is designed to mimic the qualities of a makeup sponge yet the benefits of this one are far more astounding. With a pointed tip to assist in blending around the eyes and nose, we at Eyes of Solotica are predicting this Enavee silicone makeup blending tool to be one of the hottest released products of its kind.

Eyes of Solotica Enavee silicone makeup blender


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