There's Something Quite Off About Nostril Extensions

There's Something Quite Off About Nostril Extensions

To say that we are a little confused here in the Eyes of Solotica office is a little more than an underestimate.
We basically just threw ourselves and our smartphones out the window when we saw, Nostril extensions.

Yes. you read that right, nostril extensions.

This absurd new experimentation has come from one Instagram user GretChen Chen who decided to see what her fake eyelashes looked like turned upside down and places on the outers of her nostrils.

Now call us naive but, haven't women been trying to eradicate the extra hair on our bodies for years, even shifting our focus to making our men wax their's off too? Why would this suddenly become a thing now?

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It seems that in the pursuit to create the next big trend, the latest beauty hack or even the latest definition of beauty, we are moving further away from the fundamentals of beauty and playing in the depths of obscene.

We are all for experimentation and supporting the sisterhood but, this is one movement that we cannot support, what are your thoughts?

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