The Solotica 2017 Packaging Has Landed!

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The Solotica 2017 Packaging Has Landed!

The beauty industry moves quicker than a tweet from a Kardashian and changes more times per minute than a Kylie Jenner outfit post, but that is the beauty of beauty.

Most recently, Solotica Lenses changed their packaging with a fresh, more contemporary look. The new Solotica packaging comes to you bigger and brighter than ever with the same contact lenses included.

The packaging was all that Solotica changed when they transitioned their colour co-ordinated packaging over to their ranges.

Blue still represents the Solotica Hidrocor range
Solotica Hidrocor 2017 New Packaging

Pink is still the colour of the Solotica Natural range
Solotica Natural Colors 2017 New Packaging

Whilst Green remains the Solotica Hidrocharme range.
Solotica Hidrocharme 2017 New Packaging

As this new look is still rolling out, the old packaging will still be in circulation until completely sold out worldwide, but don't stress, Solotica hasn't changed anything about the contacts. Your favourite, trusted colours are still available in your favourite looks.

Solotica Lenses are still without a doubt the most beautiful cosmetic contacts available, that has not changed. 



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