The Manicorn, Not As Mythical As You May Think.

The Manicorn, Not As Mythical As You May Think.

Here ay Eyes of Solotica we just adore a man willing to go to any beauty length to please his woman, a good sport is often hard to find, much like a unicorn.

Interesting choice of words you say, well it just so happens that one makeup artist on a rainbow mission of beauty, has turned her gracious and patient husband into just that, a unicorn or more correctly, a "Manicorn".


Kristen Leanne is a makeup artist and model, she is also the founder of Arctic Fox which is a range of cruelty- free and vibrant dyes. Together with her husband in an effort to highlight how using products averse of bleach can still create beautiful and dynamic makeup art, she filmed her tutorial highlighting the process.

What ensued was a heartwarming video of just how patient and loving her willing husband Ryan Morgan was to participate. To create the look she used Pop Beauty Lashy Flashy Mascara in Purple Passion, Blue Bloom and Tantalising Teal to create the ombre effect.



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