Inspirational Woman; Tamara Mellon

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Inspirational Woman; Tamara Mellon

When it comes to the ultimate businesswoman, a true style icon and a woman who is drenched in fashion legacy, you can look no further than Tamara Mellon.


Tamara Mellon was the original founder of the ever iconic, Jimmy Choo shoes. Through her strong business mind, well versed entrepreneurial skills and her advanced design concepts, Tamara was able to establish a brand that has withstood the storms of the fashion industry. 

Notably however, as she outlines in her powerful book "In My Shoes", it was the betrayal of her business partners and the board members of the company she founded that was her biggest storm to date. 

Tamara Mellon was forced to leave the company with nothing, which in the irony is symbolic of how she built the company in the beginning. 

Not all is lost however...

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Gone are the days of Tamara Mellon hiding behind a brand, she has now used her name, along with her story to create the exquisite brand aptly named, Tamara Mellon.

This luxurious brand of clothing and accessories is notable of course, for its shoes. Tamara has a strong focus on design with attention to the greatest details such as, heels that lengthen your legs, long boots that slim the legs and luxurious styles that are simply just comfortable.

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Do yourself a favour and read her inspiring book, "In My Shoes". As a strong, independent female @tamaramellon is a true #bosslady. Able to create a brand that is still withstanding and another that is emerging with it's own legacy, Tamara Mellon is our powerful woman of choice.

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