Sophie Monk; What The Bachelorette has Taught Us About Dating.

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Sophie Monk; What The Bachelorette has Taught Us About Dating.

The girls in the Eyes of Solotica office have swooning hearts for The Bachelorette, Sophie Monk.
We have all fallen completely, head over heels in love with this genuinely raw- mouthed, quick- witted, stunning Aussie girl whose "just a girl standing in front of 18 men asking them to love her".

Now, when Australia first heard who the Bachelorette was, i think opinions were divided and perhaps so were hearts for you see, Sophie has never been one to shy away from some outspoken controversy but do you know what, it's so bloody refreshing to see someone authentic on our screens, someone who is no bullshit regardless of the probability of an impending backlash that may arise.

So let's be realistic about just what this years Bachelorette means to us but more importantly, what Sophie has taught us.

After many coffee conversations around just what the actual hell is going on these days with dating we have all reached the one conclusion, it's effing hard regardless of who you are.
Cutting through the bullshit is mere impossible, determining what the intentions of a male are is often like finding your shoe size in a designer show sale, near impossible. We all are on this hopeful journey of trying to sift through the glutter and find that diamond.

Queue Sophie. This is a woman who is empowered, she is successful, intelligent but above all else, she is humble. She is a woman with integrity, with values and after years of dating dickheads, she finally understands what it is she needs as appose to what it is she wants...Let's be honest ladies, we always date what we want as appose to what we need because one is often better on the eyes.

It's funny to watch Sophie date these men as we sit on our couch and yell warning signs at her as if she can hear our exhausting screams of "run". As we watch we vocalise our opinions based on the traits of complete strangers. We see warning signs and red flags at every corner for HER, yet, we never see them for OURSELVES, ironic huh?

So, the lesson we can all learn from Sophie is quite a simple one actually.
Options, a girls got to have her options. It's easy enough to say we are looking for "the one" yet the reality is, "that one" only comes once the rest are no longer standing because let's just be clear about one thing, dating is in fact not dissimilar to a game show.

So ladies, strap yourselves in, keep your lifeline in the bank and never ever, phone "that friend" also known as your ex because let's be clear, he did not receive a rose.

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