Social Sorority - The New Loathed Kids Of Instagram

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Social Sorority - The New Loathed Kids Of Instagram

There's one Instagram account that is on everyones lips at the minute but it's not the type of hype they should be happy about but then again, these kids are the type who love the hype.

The Luxury Kids has divided the office of Eyes of Solotica. It's like a polaroid gallery of reality tv. You find yourself almost an hour deep in scrolling through their obnoxiously lavish lifestyles on a regular basis and just when you thought you have seen it all, you see it all again.

This is the type of Instaram account that will either make you cringe with how arrogantly they publicise their families fortunes or, it will make you want to orphan yourself and start life again under the guidance of their parents.

For you see, nothing is off limits to these kids. They have it all but we imagine what they don't have is the type of friends who actually have your back. After an initial stalk, it became apparemt that this type of wealth attracts like-minded money and just like birds of a feather, they flock together.

The competition they all caption their lives about isn't from the "haters" on their outer clique, it's from the inside and competing to have more than each other and to openly publicise it so the whole world knows whose got more money.

This account has people lobbying to have it closed down. A collection of images taken from the accounts of rich kids from around the world, the account claims to be an insight into the  luxury lifestyles of the richest kids form around the world.
In translation all this means is, it's an arrogant show of entitlement, a showcase of the "haves" to make the "have nots" feel inadequate and that's where we drew the line.

The lavish fashion brands, sports cars, private jets and mansions we can handle, it's the belittling captions that these kids write alongside the images that we can't.

We aren't the only ones who can't handle it though, this whole account is filled with backlash and divided opinions of it's followers and non-followers. The account itself is a showcase of wealth but often the most valuable resource of the account is the real perspectives given by outsiders.

It's a pure social experiment, the whole premise of the account is to stir people and it's certainly done that. Whether you agree with their lives or you don't, one thing is certain, you WILL end up talking about them. That's the thing with these kids, controversy is popularity and sadly in this world, popularity is the most valuable currency.

Don't take our word for it though, check out the hype @theluxurykids and form your own opinion.
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