Show Me the Money. The Man Who Ran With $12 Million

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Show Me the Money. The Man Who Ran With $12 Million

The girl power in the Eyes of Solotica office is currently gripped by a case of "what would you do?" thanks to this bizarre case in Canada at the moment.

Canadian woman Denise Robertson, had a lifetime wish of hers granted last month. Like most of us who dream of winning the lotto, the prospect of it ever actually happening is grim however you buy the ticket in hopes that one day, you will strike gold.

Well Denise and her partner Maurice Thibeault certainly struck gold, $12 million dollars of it to be exact. The couple who have been living together for 2 years, would regularly text each other to confirm their lotto picks and the prospect that should they ever win, splitting the takings 50/50.

Sounds pretty ideal when you're in love doesn't it?
Well this is where it all falls apart. Maurice in fact knew that they had won the lotto so what he decided to do was, he washed 15 loads of washing int he days before packing all of his items, his passports and leaving Denise. it seems that $12 million dollars is worth more than 2 years of love evidently.

However, Denise was smart, She has now lodged a court appeal using her text messages to prove that she and her partner agreed on splitting the winnings. That she is in fact liable to receive $6 million dollars of the takings and kick his running ass to the curb.

But it's the sheer nature of this that has divided our office.
As a female, how would you react if the man you loved and lived with fir 2 years got up and left you for $12 million dollars?

Would you cut your loses and just let him leave and keep some dignity knowing his selfish nature will leave him cash richer and morally broke or would you do as Denise and take him to court and completely clean him out for half and still leave him?

On the gamble that you ever get the $6 million dollars, could you ever move on from knowing that money came before love and at the ned of the day, money in fact ruled it all?

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