Picking The Best Solotica Lenses For Dark Eyes

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Picking The Best Solotica Lenses For Dark Eyes

We get many questions on picking the best Solotica Lenses for dark eyes but unfortunately it's a lot harder than you think. Why you ask? There are many factors involved such as eye colour, skin colour, hair colour etc. All of these factors actually play a big part on how the lenses look on you.

What we have noticed though is a series of Solotica Lenses that look absolutely perfect on dark eyes. This is based on them looking the most realistic but also dramatic. Check out a few examples below:

Buy Hidrocor Avela

Hidrocor Avela on Dark Eyes

Buy Hidrocor Cristal

Hidrocor Cristal on Dark Eyes

Buy Hidrocor Quartzo

Hidrocor Quartzo on Dark Eyes


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