Pepsi leaves a bad taste for Kendall.

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Pepsi leaves a bad taste for Kendall.

The hype that surrounds the new controversial Kendall Jenner Youtube commercial for Pepsi just goes to prove that, "any publicity is good publicity".

Since the commercial aired to worldwide audiences, Kendall has been embroiled in a fury of backlash from social and political groups worldwide.

In less than 24 hours of airing the commercial was pulled from Youtube in a bid for both Pepsi and Kendall Jenner to save themselves some grace.

However, amongst the controversy and the backlash that has since ensued in the 24 hours after the release of the commercial, there is one thing that stands out clear as day, Kendall Jenner looks hotter than her sister Kim Kardashian with blonde hair

If there is one thing that we at Eyes of Solotica have learned from the Pepsi commercial that lasted as long as a Vegas marriage, it's that Kendall Jenner needs to keep her blonde hair and use this bad publicity to come back reincarnated as a modern, blonde bombshell. 

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