Monograming the Gram; Kourtney Kardashian x marskinryyppy

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Monograming the Gram; Kourtney Kardashian x marskinryyppy

If we could, we would monogram everything in our life. From our Louis Vuitton handbags to our Stand Smith Adidas, we have a pretty monogrammed life as it is but that was until we saw these on Kourtney Kardashian...

Not only have we pinned these on Pinterest for our boyfriends to get the hint for an upcoming birthday, one of the Eyes of Solotica girls has beaten our boyfriends to the game and ordered hers, and we are seething with envy.

Now before we get carried away, we should enlighten you to the minor detail of the cost of fashion. For the small pocket change of around AUD$600 you too can have a shoe that introduces you before you even speak.

The creator and designer of this trend, well that's easy its Nicole Brundage @marskinryyppyWant to have a closer look, well that's easy too. Head to



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