Miuccia Prada - Not Just A Fashion Force.

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Miuccia Prada - Not Just A Fashion Force.

When it comes to motivational women, sometimes you have to look outside the norm and delve through the depths of the materialism to filter through and find the extraordinary.

Seeing how Melbourne was basically snowed in with all of this rain on the weekend, i was able to read a little more about the women i admire and ask the Eyes of Solotica girls about theirs and one woman in particular who was spoken of was, Miuccia Prada.


Miuccia Prada is the woman responsible for two of the biggest fashion houses in the world, Prada and Miu Miu (after her nickname).

A woman who originally began her career in political science, in 1970 she graduated Milan university with her degree in Political Science to three years later receive her Ph.D. She studied the art of mime for ten years until her parents intervened, putting as stop to what they assumed was a dead end. 

Responsible for reigniting her families ailing fashion business, Muiccia is the reason why both women and men worldwide today know who Prada is. A simply black plaque placed on a nylon black bag was the key piece which saw the business strive forwards again which is why today, that nylon design with simple black plaque, is the core Prada line that is redefined each year yet remains completely honourable to the original.


A woman is has been recognised by the Forbes rich list, the CDFA and Times magazine, the accomplishments of Miuccia Prada are unparalleled in fashion. A woman with a vision almost futurism, she is able to foresee into the future and conceptualise the next era or trend in fashion. She is a visionary, a mother, an artist, a philanthropist and a woman who built her legacy from the ground up, that alone is enough motivation for us.



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