Pia Mia, the new "IT GIRL"

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Pia Mia, the new "IT GIRL"

Pia Mia has escalated her status from a self-made youtube star, to the ultimate girl crush every girl is now looking up to. Move over The Kardashian's, there's a new babe in town and she is here to stay.

(Pia wears Solotica Hidrocor Azul)

Often seen walking the streets in the most enviable fashion, this girl is leading the pack when it comes to street style and beauty trends. Often emphasising her eyes as her best asset, Pia uses Solotica Lenses to enhance her natural beauty.

Favoured in Pia's Prada beauty bag are Solotica Contact Lenses. Often changing her eye colour as regularly as she changes her fashion, Pia uses Solotica Lenses to create bold looks.

(Pia wears Hidrocor Cristal)

A former model from Guam, this 20 year old style queen has gone from posting youtube videos of herself singing, to blowing up the social media pages with her sultry attitude propelling her onto the ultimate "IT GIRL" list. 

The game has officially now changed since Pia came along, and this is one girl all of us are looking to for beauty inspiration. Change your look and achieve the "Pia" with our range of Solotica Contact Lenses




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