5 Make-Up Artists bigger than their Art

5 Make-Up Artists bigger than their Art

Ladies, we all know the next best thing to a new handbag is a trusted make-up artist. We have taken the hard work out for you and listed below 5 of the worlds hottest make up artists you need to know;

1. Pat Mcgrath

Vogue named her "the most influential make- up artist in the world" after dominating the industry for brands such as Prada, Mui Mui and Giorgio Armani. This British beauty is currently the creative director for Procter & Gamble beauty. This boss babe is responsible for the creative looks for brands such as Max Factor, Dolce & Gabbana, Covergirl and SK-II. She's our #1 for a reason.

2. Mario Dedivanovic

The king of blending, sculpting, highlighting and a constant BFF of Kim Kardashian, Mario is known to produce those flawless, picture perfect looks we all want. His youth and level of perfectionism has seen him grace the pages of Vogue, Elle, Harpers Bizarre, not to mention a consistent spot on Kim's Instagram. Coming in hot at #2, this handsome man sure knows his way around a set of brushes. 

3. Hrush Achemyan

This Armenian-American make-up artist is also better known as Kylie Jenner & Kim Kardashian's personal stylist. Responsible for nearly all of Kylie Jenner's show stopping looks, this "glam god" has perfected that flawless contoured cheekbone, bold brow & bronzed skin look. She's coming in as our #3 simply because Kylie Jenner demanded she move in with her after seeing her make-up skills and that ladies, makes her worth knowing. 

4. Charlotte Tilbury

With over 20 years experience in the beauty industry, this genuine pioneer is known as the "Rockstar" of the make-up industry. With her signature "rock" look, she has been sought after by the big hitters of the fashion and celebrity industry. With names such as Tom Ford, Mario Testino, Terry Richardson, Rhianna, J.LO and Carine Roitfeld just casually on her resume, Charlotte may be coming in at our #4 but don't let that fool you, this woman is to make up what Kanye is to music, iconic.

5. Joyce Bonelli

With over 1.6 million Instagram followers, Joyce is the epitome of celebrity. Her big break came when she did Pamela Anderson's make-up for her influential Playboy cover shoot. Joyce is a true make-up rockstar, her biggest fans include The Kardashian's, Nicki Minaj, Demi Lovato and Lindsay Lohan. She's made it in at #5 but don't let that fool you, with friends like hers, she's already won. 


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