Living a Fashionably Sustainable Life;

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Living a Fashionably Sustainable Life;

We as individuals now have a bigger conscious responsibility on our shoulders when it comes to the preservation and sustainability of our global oasis. We are now more aware than ever about renewable and reusable materials and energy and more so, this is highlighted in our ever-growing consumerism of fashion and fashion accessories.

The girls in the Eyes of Solotica office are on a mission to minimise their footprint as they embark on expeditions of research to find the latest and greatest in conscious fashion and beauty brands.

Here are the girls top 5 picks...

1. Roma Boots.
These gumboots are aiming to minimise the rate of children without access to footwear one pair at a time. For every pair of boots that are bought, Roma donate a new pair to street children of impoverished areas. Portions of the companies profit is also donated to the same cause.
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2. Au Naturale Cosmetics
Founder Ashley Prange has been instrumental in lobbying congress in the United States to ban harmful chemicals from being used in cosmetics and personal care products.
Prange has created a company that creates stunning, high-quality makeup make from entirely organic materials, their lip stains are definitely worth checking out.

This makeup brand has actually revolutionised the beauty regime of the military. Yes, you read that right. The founder of this company received feedback from the US military that stated her balm was the only thing that successfully treated sand flea bites, dry skin and sunburn amongst the soldiers.
This brand now donates skincare packages to troops overseas with the option to donate packages in your name. This is beauty with a serious giveback.
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4. Olibertè Shoes.
This brand sells fashionable, sustainable boots manufactured in their Ethiopian factory.
Their factory in Ethiopia was the first Fair Trade Certified footwear manufacturing factory and they have a strong ethical backbone that sees them protect their workers rights and support their staff.
They are also part of the 1% For The Planet movement which is aimed to look after the environment.
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5. Purpose Jewelery.
This is an accessory with a purpose and a vital role in the acceleration of women and womens rights.
Each piece that is sold has been hand-crafted by a survivor of sex trafficking. The company employs survivors on every level of the business from teaching them skills to obtain employment later, to paying them a reliable and fair wage. A portion of all profit are donated to International Sanctuary which provides holistic care for rescued sex slaves.

Here's just a little food for thought for when you are next shopping for that next fashion or beauty statement. With such a plethora of sustainable and worthwhile companies on the market trying to a difference, it would be a shame for us all not to do ours, right? There's so many great opportunities to live a sustainable and fashionable life, you just have to search for it.


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