Lady Gaga- The New Woman on The Rise

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Lady Gaga- The New Woman on The Rise

If you haven't watched the Lady Gaga documentary "Five Foot Two" on Netflix yet, do yourselves a solid favour and sit down this Christmas Holidays and watch it.

Uninhibitedly raw and undeniably honest, this documentary is a vast diversion from the Gaga that you think you might know.
A rare inside into the eclectic and often darkened mind of the starlet, you will find yourself utterly transfixed by her engaging innocence and undoubtably by her perseverance to just get shit done.

Five Foot Two is a coming of age documentary for her, a new chapter that closes the previous to her life and career. Often unattained and completely sheltered, Gaga has never been this honest nor this willing to publicise her life, her breakup and her demons.

This is a brutally raw, endearingly honest and captivating documentary that will truly change your opinion on her, for the better.

As not a strong fan of Gaga, a few girls in the Eyes of Solotica office walked away completely in awe of her and truly mesmerised by her presence as a woman.
There are moments when you question if she could walk the same path as Amy Winehouse but then there are moments where her strength far outweighs the demons in her mind that come with the prosperity of being famous.

Definitely, this is one documentary that will surprise you and captivate you, even if you are not a Gaga fan.


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