Kayla Itsines; Why This Petite Package is a Fitness Powerhouse

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Kayla Itsines; Why This Petite Package is a Fitness Powerhouse

There is not a woman who is more wholesome, relatable and in some way, approachable than Kayla Itsines.

The Fitness powerhouse is the complete package. After just a short scroll through her Instagram account, you will see that Kayla is personable, humble and to put it politely, knows her shit.


Kayla has created a fitness revolution amongst women and young girls. Her program was exclusively known in Australia but in the recent years, her reach has expanded to Asia, Europe and America making her one piece of hot fitness property with quite the cult following of fitness fanatics from across the globe.

As an author, entrepreneur and creator of the ebook fitness series Bikini Body Guide, she is a force to be reckoned with.


"Sweat with Kayla" is possibly one of the biggest attributes to her boasting collection of fitness paraphernalia. A supportive community of healthy shopping tips, fitness motivation and exercise support, Kayla can change your life with just 28 minutes a day and really, who doesn't have a spare 28 minutes?

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