Imma Touch the Skye; Emily Skye Fit

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Imma Touch the Skye; Emily Skye Fit

Kanye West once rapped "I'mma touch the sky, Gotta testify" and so we thought we would introduce you to our Fitness Church otherwise known as, Emily Skye.

Emily Skye is one fit babe. She is the owner and director of her own Fitness Program otherwise known as, emilyskyefit.


With a strong emphasis on restoring health back into all facets of life, Emily focuses her energies towards designing fitness, nutritional and lifestyle packages that are designed to bring out the best in women.

With a powerful life motto "Transform your body and life" she is a strong influence and role model when it comes to the fitness industry, especially when it comes to empowering women. With packages starting from as low as $49.95 which included cute motivational emails and a mindset program, Emily will motivate you all whilst you get fit. It's a win win ladies!!


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