Here's To Looking At You Beautiful; Hot New Eye Makeup Trends

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Here's To Looking At You Beautiful; Hot New Eye Makeup Trends

There are some big trends on the horizon when it come to eye makeup and creating those statement, coloured eyes.

It seems when the weather cools down, we all gravitate towards black, black and more black. However, this season when the weather is cooler down, the trends in eye makeup are warming up with metallics, brown eyeliners and glitter eyelids.

There is less need for black and more emphasis on creating colour and movement around the eye. We are seeing more and more makeup artists using coloured contact lenses to help enhance their eyes and really make those Lily Lashes stand out.

1. A bold metallic liner will brighten your eyes and make them appear more open and enhanced. A set of warmer tone Solotica contact lenses such as Solotica Natural Avela or Solotica Hidrocor Amber will create a beautiful look full of depth.


2. A neon pop to a classic winged eyeliner will instantly make your makeup look more modern. This creative look is a high-fashion, futuristic look that takes the eye from beautiful to babe in an instant. Compliment this look with Solotica Hidrocor Ocre.

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3. A metallic Navy eye will give you that sexy, smokey eye look without using a heavy black kohl liner. Blue is actually a more flattering colour on most complexions than black and a blue shadow will always open up darker eyes, making them a feature. Combine this look with Solotica Natural Ocre.

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