Gigi & Bella: Sisters Doin it For Themselves...

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Gigi & Bella: Sisters Doin it For Themselves...

There's a slight theme amongst the Eyes of Solotica office this Friday. We can't help but be in admiration of a beauty worth more than its weight in gold, the unspoken bond of Sisters.

More in particularly though, we are in pure admiration of the genetically blessed, always fashionable Hadid sisters.

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These two beauties are complete polar opposites when it comes to personalities, and personal style however, they do share a love for one thing, musicians.

We are currently living though Gigi Hadid here in the Eyes of Solotica office as she shares her love of Zayn Malik in the most affectionate and envy inducing public displays of affection on her Instagram. Their love seems so ideal, even Vogue gave them a cover.

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Bella Hadid on the other hand, had our hearts bursting with pure jealousy when she went public at the time with her ex-beau Abel Makkonen aka The WeekndAt the time, their love was just, cool. It was the type of relationship that coined the hashtag
#relationshipgoals. They were trendy, alternative, mysterious and well hidden. We were intrigued by them but in the end the most infamous part of their relationship was the the breakup and more so, Bella getting to strut down the Victoria's Secret runway looking hot AF in front of him #best breakuprevenge.

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There's no doubt that we all want what these two have, each other. Their sisterly bond is far more outspoken than their love of anything else in this world. The pure admiration and respect they have for empowering not just each other but women in general, is the perfect way to end a Friday, and on that note...

These Sister's are doin it for themselves and heading for cocktails x


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