Galina Dub; Making us Sweat this Winter

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Galina Dub; Making us Sweat this Winter

As if winter hasn't been hard enough. Firstly, Game of Thrones isn't quite living up to our expectations, we've binge watched all episodes of Power and now the wait every week is nearly as daunting as the winter weather and lastly, along came Galina Dub.

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This Russian model, Youtuber and fitness connoisseur is considered one of the most beautiful women in the world and you can certainly see why.

With over 2.6m Instagram followers and thousands subscribing to her Youtube channel weekly, this 22 year old is set to become one of the most sought after social faces.

With just a short scroll through her Instagram account, you will drowning in a sea of envy at not only her exceptionally toned body but also her infectious smile.

Galina exudes a "girl next door vibe" but what is most beautiful about her is, none of it is fake, she is genuinely a sweet hearted babe.

Do yourself a favour if you are struggling for gym or in fact life motivation and head over to her Instagram @galina_dub account and follow her if you aren't already.

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