Flay Lay to heaven: The things you need to know before you post.

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Flay Lay to heaven: The things you need to know before you post.

Us girls at Eyes of Solotica love a good cosmetic flat lay, in fact, we simply can't stop staring at them on out Insta feeds.

But what makes the perfect cosmetic flat lay you may ask? Well we thought the same thing so here, we have the top 3 tips to help you perfect your next cosmetic crop courtesy of our favourite gal @wendyonline.

1. Branding is key. When it comes to perfecting an overdose of cosmetic displays, you must pack the Instagram square full of the most luxurious brands. You cannot, we repeat cannot just pace any brand alongside any other brand. Here, she feature the timeless Chanel compact and Estee Lauder Night Serum alongside the new trending giants Too Faced Hangover primer and Huda Beauty liquid matte lips.

2. Colour co-ordination is paramount You simply must not mix your palettes. You must always place like coloured packaging together as well as similar coloured glosses. It's simple, pink lipsticks match rose gold packaging whilst dark tones match deep reds and golds. The featured products will become clearer the more you layer, take for instance the YSL lipstick's in this image.

3. You must always, repeat ALWAYS have a theme.  Here there is an apparent theme of the orient. Here, the deep red of her cosmetic shades and packaging sit alongside the vibrance of gold detailing. This creates an instant eye catch, instantly you understand the direction of her focus and the products she wishes to highlight. Our standout in this pic, the @toofaced melted matte.



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