Fitness Beauty: Linn Lowes

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Fitness Beauty: Linn Lowes

Every Monday we at Eyes of Solotica all need a little motivation to get ourselves to the gym and when we stumbled across this babe @linnlowes needless to say, we were up and gym ready quicker than you can say "cake".

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This beautiful woman is not only a professional personal trainer, an endorsed health advocate but she has most importantly won the most precious fight of her life and that is, surviving cancer.

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With a social media following to rival some of the hottest names in the celebrity bubble, this babe is encouraging a new breed of women. Linn is empowering a stronger, healthier and more educated mindset for women, she is focused on being a healthy beautiful and in her own words "All i see is endless opportunities"

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Follow her incredible journey via @linnlowes and if you want to achieve those baby blue eyes of hers, follow our journey @eyesofsolotica.


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