DAMN Kendrick Lamar: We Are Hooked

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DAMN Kendrick Lamar: We Are Hooked

There's a new playlist currently on repeat in the Eyes of Solotica office and at the top of the playlist, Kendrick Lamar.

Kendrick's new album "Damn" is just what you would expect from the man who cashed in on one of this centuries most iconic lines, "bitch don't kill my vibe"

Kendrick's latest addition "Damn" is a full album of dirty, big bass tracks full of urban hype. His lyrics on this album have extended into a more political sphere but the beats are so damn catchy, you'll find yourself bobbing along completely unaware of the political preaching.

That's the beauty about Kendrick, his music is so controversial yet the beats are the most emotive DNA of his music. Our office has had his album on repeat and in particular the track "Humble".

This album is big, one of the years most anticipated and recognised albums to date and it's truly some of his best work. To put it politely this album is fking amazing.

Check it out

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