Coachella: Where Magic Happens.

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Coachella: Where Magic Happens.

Buried deep in the Colorado Desert, the Coachella Valley lays dormant for most of the year however, every year on Friday 14th April the desert becomes a hybrid of the fashionably cool mixing with the eclectic juggernauts of the music industry. 

Of course, we are talking about Coachella

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Every year the desert comes alive with the hottest musical line-up of any other festival on the planet. The Coachella line-up will always be unlike any other of it's kind. So iconic in the quest to deliver it's festival goers an experience so out of body, you may not remember being there, Coachella is the type of festival that ignites all of your senses and tantalises all of your fantasies.

We all remember the musically defining, cinematographic experience of 2012 that saw Tupac alive and performing once again alongside Dr Dre. It's moments like these that not only define our advances in musical boundaries but in also human experiences.

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Coachella isn't just a music festival, it's another world. So defining in it's legacy to unravel the human mind and take each individual on an experience so sensory, it becomes a memory etched within their youths, stories passed onto the generations beneath. Coachella has become the cornerstone for music festivals, the yearly event that sees some of the biggest names in modelling, fashion, music, blogging and sporting, come together and simply dance under the desert sky.

It's the coolest event of the year, it's the most fashionable place to be on the planet for the days in which it runs. It's the event bloggers write about for months after, the festival that sees people spend the year before planning their outfits. It's the place to be seen and a place to go unseen. It's a place of sheer ambient delight, a musical feast for the soul and a never-ending fashion feast on the eyes.

For those of us that couldn't attend this year from the Eyes of Solotica office, we look back with fond memories so easily recalled it feels like, in some way, we are there. But to our friends who are there dancing amongst the dust clouds we offer this advice, rest within the music, dance within the chaos and shoot for those desert stars because my friends, Coachella is the most magical time of your life.

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