Cara Delevigne; What Beauty Should Feel Like.

Cara Delevigne; What Beauty Should Feel Like.

Cara Delevigne is what some might call, "the coolest Brit on the planet".

She has this attitude about her, this sense of knowing who she is that makes her powerful. She is refreshingly honest, bravely outspoken and astonishingly beautiful. She is the type of woman we watch in admiration and emulate in style.


Just recently Cara spoke out about the beauty industry and how in her opinion, it's just "f*cked up". She recently uploaded a powerful set of Instagram images where she went on to take some of the hype away from the beauty industry. In one image she stated, "It's exhausting to be told what beauty should look like." Again, she challenged readers to look inwardly, not outwardly, to find true beauty.

Us girls in the Eyes of Solotica office love Cara. We think that when it comes to being beautiful, intelligence and the willingness to speak your mind is far more powerful than being outwardly attractive and we could't be prouder of Cara for speaking out.



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