Solotica Babe: Brittany Bear Makeup.

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Solotica Babe: Brittany Bear Makeup.

When it comes to a woman with her makeup style down to an art, you can look no further than the stunning makeup vixen that is, @brittanybearmakeup.

Often seen rocking her Solotica contact lenses, Brittany creates flawless makeup looks with her eyes as her number one feature.

@brittanybearmakeup looking flawless in her Solotica Hidrocor Amber lenses.


Brittany is quickly becoming one of the most watched and demanded makeup artists to grace our social media channels. She has her makeup artistry down to an exquisite form, often creating highly illuminated, gloss finishes that radiate true sex appeal.


A favourite of @brittanybearmakeup, you will often see in her Instagram photos and Youtube video's, she is wearing Solotica Hidrocor Amber contact lenses She uses Solotica lenses as her key focus to create beautiful makeup looks around her eyes, often engaging her audience with just her eyes alone.


Truly an exceptionally beautiful woman, @brittanybearmakeup is one to watch when it comes to creating flawless makeup looks for herself and her clients using her favourite Solotica contact lenses.


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