Ciao Bella: Bella Hadid.

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Ciao Bella: Bella Hadid.

There are very few women in this world who are more mesmerising than Bella Hadid.

It would be naive of us to say she is one half of the Hadid powerhouse when she is entirely her own woman, going her own way, creating her own mark in this world.

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Bella Hadid is sensual, she is spiritual, she is captivating and she is mysterious. There are very few women in this modern age of underdressing and over-compensating who can hold the attention of a room, let alone a global stage.

Our interest in Bella Hadid is only personified by her own interest in being authentically herself. In the world of elite models, high fashion and disposable designer labels, it is refreshing to have an individual with a heightened sensibility of being true to herself.

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For a woman who seemingly has it all from the high fashion empires chasing at her heels, to influential music mogul ex-boyfriends, Bella Hadid is a dream girl and the most captivating asset she has is, her eyes...

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