Beauty By All Means, Halloween Makeup Inspiration On Point

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Beauty By All Means, Halloween Makeup Inspiration On Point

When it comes to beauty, us as women in this society are finally standing together to embrace one another's unique characteristics that make us individually beautiful.
We are moving away from the stereotypical ideal of perfection and placing women on well-deserved pedestals for showcasing their beauty after years of being told, it was a flaw.
And let's be realistic, us here at Eyes of Solotica couldn't be happier.

Take for instance the infamous beauty that is Winnie Harlow. She was infamously bullied growing up for her depigmented skin condition that now sees her gracing the runways for some of the most idolised designers in the universe.

Skip forward to today where there are now more women such as Winnie who are taking the leap of faith to place themselves in front of the social prying eyes and stand tall without any second thoughts to the judgment they may endure.

Makeup Artist and Social Media babe Lauren Elyse is just one of few women who are embracing their unique beauty and she has become an advocate for the skin condition Vitiligo.

Rather than shying away from the spotlight, Lauren is helping other women in her position to embrace their condition. Lauren is a makeup artist who specialises in this condition, she has spent years using makeup to cover her skin but just recently, she has thrown all beauty conceptions out the door and liberated herself and others in her position by posting some seriously cool Halloween looks using the marks on her face.

These are a few of our favourite Halloween looks by her, check her out if you haven't already...


A post shared by Lauren Elyse (@laur_elyse) on

A post shared by Lauren Elyse (@laur_elyse) on

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