Beauty and the Beast: Set To Be one of the biggest releases of the year!

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Beauty and the Beast: Set To Be one of the biggest releases of the year!

Every girl dreams of a love story painted in Disney's magic. An unexpected love story full of imagination, of triumphant cinematic beauty.

On March 17 Disney will once again bring Belle, the Beast, Gatson and the most loveable teacup Chip, to life. With the official trailer being released, Beauty & The Beast is already trending hot with speculation set that it is going to be one of the biggest releases of the year.

With Emma Watson leading this reimagined love story in her role as Belle, this fairytale classic will be full of romance, animated opulence, unexpected moments and of course, THAT yellow dress.

Now of course, no Disney love story is complete without a Prince. Playing the beastly captor of Belles heart is none other than the always handsome, Dan Stevens as The Beast. Alongside the already good looking cast comes along Luke Evan in his part as Gatson. 

Beauty & The Beast is a true fairytale complete with THAT beautiful Rose. (It was the bachelorette before the tv show). With a cast of this calibre and an animation so cinematic, Disney's reimagined Beauty & The Beast is set to send our hearts aflutter and the box office into overdrive.

Be apart of the magic and swept away by the romance and remember "you don't lose hope, love. If you do, you lose everything"

Check out Shonagh Scott's amazing Beauty and the Beast Makeup Tutorial, complete with SFX slash wounds below:



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