Bachelorette In The Making: Sophie Monk

Bachelorette In The Making: Sophie Monk

Australia has its sweethearts when it comes to television and radio personalities. We have our favourite soap stars, pop stars, actresses and models. We also have our favourite personalities that we love to hate.

And that's the category where the next personality falls, Sophie Monk.

Sophie Monk just been named the new Bachelorette for the Australian series and whether we are ready for her or not, she is coming to our screens.

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Notoriously controversial as a former member of the girl group Bardot, Ms Monk moved to La La Land where she scored herself a Madden brother. Soon after the demise of that relationship, she was rumoured to be dating a multi-millionaire much older than her. Despite what reports may or may not have been written on Ms Monk's previous relationships, there is one fact that cannot be disputed, she is highly entertaining. 

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As a member of the KISS 1065 radio show, Monk has paved a way for herself as an outspoken, somewhat comedic woman. She is never short of opinions, pranks or personal stabs at herself which in every way, makes her perfectly relatable.

She is no doubt going to be highly entertaining to watch, a little controversial in her tongue and very opinionated in her tastes...

But really, what woman isn't?

Us women here at Eyes of Solotica are holding our breaths with anticipation for the new series of the Bachelorette AU to begin, this is certainly a season that we will tune in for. 


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