AUD$14 Million Reasons Why You Should Be Feeling Maternal

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AUD$14 Million Reasons Why You Should Be Feeling Maternal

If there was ever a reason to feel maternal, we've just found it.
Ryan the pint-sized powerhouse racks up a cool $AUD 14 Million per year by simply reviewing toys on his YouTube channel ToysReview.

Now at 6 years old this little legend is doing was most of us millennials wish we could have done at the same age by cashing in on his love for all things well, childlike.

The things that us twenty-somethings in the office at Eyes of Solotica can't seem to wrap our brains around is just how far the social world has evolved when a six year old boy can make more than 10x the annual household income.

We were wondering today how different our lives would have been if we had yesterday what the kids of today have?

This didn't just start overnight for young Ryan, he first launched his channel at the ripe old age of 3!! Three years old and already a YouTube sensation, jeez we can't even make a three year old sweater work in with our current wardrobes let alone educating the parents of children worldwide about investing in which toys.

The son of a science teacher, Ryan's mum decided to quit her job and run the channel full time, a move which has certainly paid off. It makes you wonder what exactly your parents thought of you as a child a little doesn't it, perhaps you weren't entertaining enough, perhaps at the age of three your vocabulary wasn't advanced enough...i guess all of us millennials missed the million dollar boat on that one.

Whatever your opinion may be there is one thing you cannot take away from this mother and son duo, the work ethic being instilled in this child is something that is almost aspirational. Some might say that it's cashing in on a childlike innocence however, all of the profits are being placed in a college trust account for when Ryan is ready to go to college and in the end, that is the best type of investment, a secure future.

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