Are You Fur Real, Khloe Kardashian?

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Are You Fur Real, Khloe Kardashian?

It's the Instagram snap that has seemingly stopped the world and divided the opinions of individuals and activists globally.

Khloe Kardashian has sent the social pages into a spin with just one upload on her Instagram account.

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It would seem that the above photo of the "fur army" has received mixed expressions from fans, followers and foes.

The fur debate is a long standing discussion which has consistently been highlighted and brought to the attention of industry leaders in both fashion and pop culture.

There have been many attempts in the recent years to rule out the use of real animal fur in fashion. Designers such as Stella McCartney, Armani, Calvin Klein, Vivienne Westwood and Tommy Hilfiger have all gone "fur free", banning the use of animal fur in their brands.

As iconic as a Kardashian has become in our generations pop culture, most of the notoriety attached to their families name, comes from generally pissing people off.

With just one upload, Khloe has managed to piss off the PETA group, animal rights activists, most individuals with a love for animals and the fashionistas who have come out to defend her choice as, high fashion and fabulous. As an anti-fur activist in the past, appearing in a PETA campaign against the use of fur, it would seem that Khloe now wears a shade of idiotic in the irony showcased by her photo.

There will always be those who defend the right to wear fur. There will be the fashionistas, the luxury brand consumers and those who admire the people wealthy enough to own one. There is a social status attached to fur, a certain level of wealth and indulgence that is attached to those who wear one. It is this status that often blindsight's the fact that at the end of the day, wearing fur, no matter how wealthy you are, is a poor choice.

So as the heat rises and the debate gets hotter around banning fur, the conclusion the team at Eyes of Solotica have come to is, when it comes to a Kardashian, "if it doesn't make dollars, than it doesn't make sense". 

After all, isn't any publicity worth it's weight in gold?

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