Accepting Your Flawless Beauty - Paige Billiot

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Accepting Your Flawless Beauty - Paige Billiot

There's a new beauty movement that began happening late last year and is certainly continuing on this year and awe at Eyes of Solotica could not be happier.

Paige Billiot also known as flawless_affect is the latest trending Instagrammer to give beauty a new definition. An actress, model and now a social advocate for lobbying against societal beauty acceptance, Paige is a woman on a very admirable mission.

Not prepared to be defined by her noticeably present birthmark on the side of her face, this makeup artist is turning what might define others into the pure definition of beauty.

Creating makeup looks both creative and elegant around not only identifying her birthmark but celebrating its beauty, Paige is fast becoming a revolutionary wave for women to accept all aspects of their body.


Raising the debate between self-perception and self-acceptance, Paige is redefining the societal boundaries of beauty by encouraging women to know the difference between the power you have to choose how you see yourself and the power you take from others when you accept that standard of beauty for yourself.

Keep your eyes glued to this Aussie babe, there are big things on the horizon for her.


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