A Shot Straight to The Heart; Emily Sears

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A Shot Straight to The Heart; Emily Sears

Ladies may we introduce to you Emily Sears and gentleman, i'm sure you already know who she is.

Not your average Australian beach babe, Emily Sears is also not your quintessential Aussie bombshell no, she is a glamour model, a fitness inspiration and an absolute poster girl for those women of us who were blessed with curves.

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When you think of the phrase "i got it from my mumma" one would be inclined to certainly thank Emily's mum for blessing her with her incredible looks and enviable womanly curves.

A Maxim model, every man's fantasy and a down-to-earth regular babe, Emily splits her time between Melbourne and LA where she is fast becoming one of the most recognisable and illusive expats Australia has to offer.

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But be warned, just a quick scroll through Emily's Instagram account may leave you cursing the gods above and screaming to the sky "damn you cruel world". There's certainly a reason why the girls in the Eyes of Solotica office are obsessed with her and why her body is on the top of our wish list...

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For this and other body inspiration head to www.eyesofsolotica.com


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